I’m sure there are harder roles to hire than Perl developers, but … perhaps not that many. I used to run a 40 person team, of which I’d hired about 50%.

Every so often we’d get a generalist IT recruiter tell us how they were going to revolutionize our hiring of Perl developers. We’d have candidates coming out of our ears. In the first week, we’d get 10-15 CVs of PHP developers, sysadmins with some passing experience writing Perl, and people with 20 years of Perl experience who had somehow never touched any of the tools we used. We’d explain what was wrong with those candidates and then … silence.

So whether or not you decide to work with us, here are some tips for hiring Perl developers:

How to read a GitHub profile

In my advice to candidates, I remark that linking to your GitHub profile for non-technical readers can be a bit like offering them hieroglyphics – they know it’s valuable, but they’re not really sure what it all means. Here’s a guide to reading a GitHub profile for non-technical hirers and recruiters.

Where to post your jobs

Some thoughts on my return on investment from various places I’ve advertised; save yourself a recruiter fee!

What to look for in an agency

Don’t upset your prospective candidates before you’ve even started, and try and avoid being drowned in inappropriate CVs – why picking the right recruiter is going to make a lot of difference

Work with us

What you can expect partnering with Perl Careers