A little bird told me this might be the job for you! Perl Developer in Canary Wharf

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Image is Canary Bird by jocchannna; License: CC BY-ND 2.0
 Ref: OSC391
 Canary Wharf, London, UK (see more)
 £50,000–£70,000 GBP /year

A curry, a concert, and a quiz.

Pop quiz: Where can you go to enjoy an Indian curry, take in a concert, search out the perfect whiskey sour AND get paid? We’ll give you a hint: it’s where our client’s office is located, and it’s in one of the most accessible areas in London. One more hint? A little bird told me this might be the job for one dynamic Perl programmer…

Located in bustling Canary Wharf, our client is on the hunt for a Perl programmer to join their flock. The CTO is a staunch Perl supporter, and they have several big data analysis projects for you to dive into and make your own.

Did we mention the vibe? No stuffed shirts in this nest: this company has a start-up atmosphere without the uncertainty and uncomfortable bean bag chairs. Seriously, can anyone over twelve sit comfortably on those things? Your new teammates pride themselves on their extraordinary corporate culture, so you’ll regularly find them holding Hacker Days for employees to prototype new features they think would send the company soaring.

The client is an international company with a knack for making recruitment functions a breeze. Their reach is jaw-dropping — over 80% of all UK job ads are posted through their servers — and their prowess means that employers connect with top candidates in a fraction of the time. In other words, they’re ruling the roost in their industry, and they want you to join them!

Ready to sing like songbird for this intriguing opportunity? Email us today and tell us why you’re the perfect Perl programmer for this plum position!

Skills and Experience

The client is interested in anyone with experience building web apps in Perl, using one of the major Perl frameworks. If you’re a crack-hand with Catalyst, a Mojolicious master, or a distinguished Dance, they want you. You’ll be deploying apps your work to AWS, so experience would be handy, and the company’s big on testing, so they’d like you to know your way around Test::More.

About the Client

The company makes software that’s literally crucial to keeping recruitment running worldwide. Any time you see a job ad on an online job board in the UK, there’s a 80% chance it went through this company’s servers. Their client list includes virtually every large recruitment agency, every small recruitment agency, and they handle the recruitment software needs of Boeing, Pepsi, and Hilton.


  • The company is a small company with a lot of personality, owned by a (much) larger company with a lot of financial fire-power – all the best bits of working for a small and agile company with all the reassurance that comes from being part of a big group

  • You’ll start with 25 days holiday a year, but that’ll rise by a day every year you’re there, up to 30; plus of course, all Bank Holidays and National Holidays
  • Private health benefits, dental, eyecare and well-being subsidies, as well as life and disability benefits, and a personal pension with the company matching up to 3%
  • Beautiful, modern offices that look out over the water in Canary Wharf; sunset over the water is something pretty special

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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