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Image is Mountain glow on hochkoenig by Clack; License: CC BY-SA 3.0
 Ref: OSC341
 Sevenoaks, Kent, UK (see more)
 Inline with experience

If you’re a firm believer in ‘you only get what you give’, then this job should enable you to get an absolute shedload of stuff. You’ll be working for a company whose whole ethos is based around increasing fundraising for good causes, and you’ll be directly helping them achieve this with the work you do on their platform - giving supporters of non-profit organizations the tools to raise funds on their behalf.

Not only will you have a warm-fuzzy glow from helping others, and something to bust out at gatherings to make others feel uneasy about their own charitable efforts - you’ll also get the chance to go on end of year ski trips due to the company’s outposts in Switzerland. Charity might begin at home, but it can travel to the alps with you too.

The friendly team are genuinely fantastic to work for, and everyone who’s already been placed there absolutely loves the experience. If you’d really relish a role that puts you in a positive environment and has a positive impact on the world, then get involved, and start looking for some salopettes.

About the Client

Our client helps charities fund-raise online, and manages online payments systems for landlords. With every commit, you’ll be helping to funnel market to charities and making renting property just that little bit easier. We regularly bump into the company’s programmers at dev conferences, and their developers are well-known in the open-source community for their contributions to projects.


  • A very generous 25 days of annual leave, in addition to Bank Holidays, public holidays, etc
  • Employer-matched pension scheme
  • Chance to work, expenses paid, in the mountains near Lake Geneva for one week a year
  • Company winter sports trip once a year, in addition to the above!

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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