Come work for Zoopla, one of London's success stories

Job ref: OSC305
Location: Southbank, London
Salary: Generous

Zoopla are one of London’s top technical companies; they’re a household name with beautiful offices on London’s Southbank, and founded by the  same people behind another of London’s tech success stories LOVEFiLM.

They’re heavy Perl users, with a staff list that reads like a Who’s Who of the London Perl scene; you’ll be having (company-provided) meals with some of your favourite tech speakers, and (maybe) working out at the company gym with the authors of your favourite CPAN modules.

It’s a great company, with a great history of supporting the Perl community.

Why apply with Perl Careers, rather than directly?

We’ve been placing people at Zoopla for several years now, and the tech team is filled with ex-coworkers of mine and people I’ve placed there.

When you apply via Perl Careers:

  • I’ll personally check your CV to make sure that you’ve highlighted the skills they’ll think are most important; having read feedback they’ve given on many candidate’s CVs over the years, if there are important areas you’ve forgotten to mention, we’ll get those sorted
  • I can give you a detailed overview of what salary you should be aiming for – at one of London’s most generous employers – based on several years of negotiating with their HR department; you’ll probably end up with a better package with an experienced negotiator on your side
  • You’ll get a copy of the Perl Careers “Tech Test Checklist”. It won’t tell you how to solve _their_ technical test specifically, but it will help you through common issues and help you avoid mistakes (that I’ve seen time and time again, on even the most experienced dev’s tech tests)
  • We’ll chase for feedback much more aggressively than you can. Sometimes applications can get bogged down in HR processes at even the best intentioned companies, but everyone internal and external knows it’s my job to be on top of the process, and chasing for detailed feedback

So, come and work at one of London’s tech giants, with Perl Careers.

Interested? Either fill out the handy form on the right-hand side of this page, or send us an email to, quoting jobref OSC305, and tell us a little bit about yourself!

image is a photo of Zoopla’s offices