Do you hate your bank? Help disrupt Financial Services in London

Job ref: OSC302 - Location: Central London - Salary: Strong

If there’s any industry that desperately needs more friendly technology and whose consumers are long-overdue the bounty offered by a Modern Perl technology stack, it’s finance.

Our client are a well-known consumer and business-facing firm who are trying to make people’s lives a little easier and a little fairer when it comes to certain types of financial transactions. They’re a rapidly growing team with a strong technological pedigree, based in Central  London.

The client are justifiably proud of a particularly clean Modern Perl codebase – they’re using the obvious trio of Catalyst, DBIx::Class,  and Template Toolkit with Postgres and all sorts of other Perl goodies you’d hope for like Carton.

The team is filled with lovely people – four of my favourite ex-colleagues are there – and headed up by a friend of mine who’s an exceptionally switched-on guy.

Very much a job worth applying for!

image via Dinesh Valke on Flickr; license: CC BY-SA 2.0

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