Fancy a few days a week in beautiful Irvine, CA? The office has both a mountain and harbour view…

Job ref: OSC127
Location: Irvine, California

We are looking for a fulltime Perl developer who can join us onsite at our beautiful offices a few days a week in Irvine, and work from home the rest of the time (or fulltime in Irvine).

You’re already eligible to work in the US, and you’re interested in joining a very successful and Perl-focussed company, whose parent company were rated one of the top 15 places to work in the US.

The company has a number of big-data and data analysis projects, and have bet heavily on AWS. They use a variety of Modern Perl technologies across their projects, with codebases using Mojo, Dancer, DBIx::Class, and regularly send developers to YAPC.

The company has maintained its small company feel, despite being bought a few years ago by a much larger company, and the office is super-friendly and supportive.

(seen this ad before? That’s because we’re growing fast!)

Interested? Send us an email to, quoting jobref OSC127, and tell us a little bit about yourself! Ideally include a CV / résumé, but I’ll cope with just an expression of interest or a few questions about the role…