For senior Perl developers looking to raise the stakes

Job ref: OSC377 - Location: Chiswick, London - Salary: depending n experience

An iconic London firm is looking for a Managing Perl Developer / Web Manager who’s got the same nose for success as they do. If you’ve been leading a 2-3 person team, and it’s time to step up to more responsibility on your way to a CTO role, this is an excellent opportunity.

Obviously, you’ll be a Perl developer, but you’ll have an enduring interest in Go-lang, as well as a keen eye for what makes software teams effective – you’ll be able to work with stakeholders through the wider company to take their business vision and get your all-star team to deliver on them. At you current role you’ve had some line-management responsibility, but now you’re looking to grow into a larger, more leadership focused role. You’ll not just be making sure your team is heading in the right direction, you’ll be helping to make sure what you’re delivering is moving the company itself in the right direction. Rather than simply receiving requirements from the wider business, you’ll be working with the CIO and diretors to help actively shape it.

The existing codebase is primarily Perl on the back-end, but the company are well-advanced in investigating rewriting certain components in Go-lang – a chance to use your existing Perl skillset to grow another highly marketable competency in Go-lang. You’ll also be line-managing front-end developers, so you’ll be expected to have a good overview of the front-end landscape. And on the basis that talent recognizes talent, you’ll be hand-picking developers to join your expanding team.

Does this sound exciting and just a tiny bit daunting? Sounds like it’s time for you to take a giant leap forward in your career and move from a minor management role into a technology leadership position!

image is Go Canada, via Flickr; license: CC BY 2.0

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