Interactive Television with Perl - North West England with an international reach

Job ref: OSC211
Location: North-West England - commutable from Liverpool or Manchester

Interested in working at the cutting edge of broadcast and interactive TV technology? Know how to put together Perl-based APIs using DBIx::Class and Moose?

The team uses Modern Perl, and is looking for 2+ years of experience, hopefully encompassing Moose or Moo, Test::Builder-based testing tools, one of the major web frameworks (with bonus points for an understanding of PSGI/Plack) and familiarity with git.

Flexible working hours, with the option of a few days a week from home, commutable from Manchester or Liverpool, free-parking onsite and a relocation allowance.

Interested? Either fill out the handy form on the right-hand side of this page, or send us an email to, quoting jobref OSC211, and tell us a little bit about yourself!

image via Andrew Watson on Flickr; license: CC BY 2.0