Interactive Television with Perl - North West England with an international reach

Job ref: OSC211
Location: North-West England - commutable from Liverpool or Manchester

Interested in working at the cutting edge of broadcast and interactive TV technology? Know how to put together Perl-based APIs using DBIx::Class and Moose?

The team uses Modern Perl, and is looking for 2+ years of experience, hopefully encompassing Moose or Moo, Test::Builder-based testing tools, one of the major web frameworks (with bonus points for an understanding of PSGI/Plack) and familiarity with git.

Flexible working hours, with the option of a few days a week from home, commutable from Manchester or Liverpool, free-parking onsite and a relocation allowance.

This job is no longer officially open, but do contact us to discuss similar roles or find out when the company plans to reopen hiring.

image via Andrew Watson on Flickr; license: CC BY 2.0