Lights, Camera ... Perl! - Mid-Level Perl / Ops for the movies (London UK)

Job ref: OSC 202-L
Location: Central London

There’s Bad CGI, and there’s Good CGI. Bad CGI involves your web-server standing up new

perl processes for incoming requests, where Good CGI makes the films you watch magical. This job – unusually for Perl – involves Good CGI.

Client is a world-famous digital effects company. Where the digital magic is done in more traditional CGI software, the glue that holds everything together is Perl. Server management, moving digital assets to be in the right place at the right time, prodding the giant compute farm – Perl is a central part.

There’s a big backlog of interesting and rewarding tasks that will help the company run ever more smoothly. For each you’ll need to decide whether to bring your considerable Perl skills to bear, or whether extending the company’s nascent SaltStack and Sensu installs is the right move – existing experience would be a nice to have, but by no means essential.

Fundamentally, you’ll come across interesting problems that you won’t find elsewhere, and that’ll stretch you more than building yet another MVC webapp; the company has tens of petabytes of onsite storage, several thousand compute nodes, and runs Linux on everything they can.

Role would be well suited to either Perl developers who fancy something a bit different involving automation and large-scale deployments, or a sysadmin with strong Perl.

This job is no longer officially open, but do contact us to discuss similar roles or find out when the company plans to reopen hiring.

Image is a CGI-rendered teapot, via Miles Bader on Flickr; license: CC BY 2.0