Mojolicious, GraphQL, and Perl Consultant (Poland and Central Europe)

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Image is Warsaw by Russell Yarwood; License: CC BY-SA 2.0
 Ref: OSC406
 Warsaw, Krakow, or Budapest (see more)
 €40–€45 EUR /hour

Hey! This job is a little unusual in that our client has two different European zones you can work from, and a few offices in each zone. This one is the Poland and Central Europe zone. There’s also a Stockholm and Scandinavia zone. In Poland, they’d prefer you to work in Warsaw, but they can accommodate Krakow too. Budapest could work if you’re in Hungary.

Want to program in Perl, but not ready to give up on pierogi? Enchanted by the dynamism of Central Europe, and want to put your Modern Perl skills to good use?

Our client is looking for a Perl consultant in their Polish or Hungarian offices. As a consultant, you’ll be expected to already be comfortable with Modern Perl tooling – they’ll want you to be wrangling DBIx::Class resultsets and showing your Mojolicious mastery on day one. They’re even using GraphQL in Perl (did you know Perl Careers sponsored the development of that?).

You’ll be building out a system that provides an API for a SPA written in Vue.js – on that basis, any exposure to Vue.js (or indeed React) would be super helpful, as would Docker and Carton, but if your fundamental Modern Perl skills are excellent, you’ll be a strong candidate anyway.

There’s some flexibility about working from home, and your hours, but it’s absolutely a job in which you’ll be coming into the office most days. The rate shown is for the Warsaw office, and different offices may have different rates.

Skills and Experience

The project is currently using:

  • use experimental qw(signatures smartmatch);
  • DBIx::Class
  • Mojolicious
  • GraphQL
  • Carton to manage dependencies
  • Docker to deploy, but Carton does the heavy lifting
  • PostgreSQL

… and you should be confident you can be productive from day one with these tools

About the Client

Major European telecoms company


This is a consultant role, with the possibility of going full-time if it works out. As an hourly consultant, your benefits are … your hourly salary.

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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