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It’s no secret that I used to run a Perl team myself in Central London, and was competing for talent with the other teams. By far the hardest team to compete with was the one whose technical leader was making sure his team were always using the best tools, was always taking a personal interest in his team’s technical output — adding his considerable technical knowledge and experience to the team, and was always talking about these things at various London Perl events.

If you want to be using the absolute best in tooling, do Modern Perl properly, and benefit from working with one of the most switched-on and enlightened Perl teams in London — and you don’t mind commuting to Chiswick — you’d struggle to do better than this team.

Supporting one of London’s best-known and celebrated businesses, the technical team are at the forefront of driving a non-technical company forward, and providing them a clear advantage over the competition.

Skills and Experience

  • You’ll need to be very comfortable with Modern Perl, and that means you’ll need to have meaningful opinions about (and experience with) Moose, Plack, DBIx::Class, Test::More, and at least one Perl MVC framework
  • The company has a microservice architecture, so you’ll have strong architectural skills, think about problems in terms of APIs and queues, and have exposure to recent DevOps practices

About the Client

Very well-known and well-established estate agency, whose technical stack has been built with loving care to be high quality


  • Enhanced sick pay and subsidised gym program
  • Strong parental leave policy, with a generous shared parental leave system

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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