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Chef’s Kiss! This Job is Delish

Finding the right job is like stumbling upon the perfect recipe. You have everything you need to make it in the cupboards. You know exactly how long it’ll take to cook. With a dash of hard work and a pinch of luck, you’ll be feasting on this delicious new role in no time.

Our client is the head ‘chef’ of premium native advertising for technology, financial services, and corporate and lifestyle sectors. They’ve been roasting the competition for years and are responsible for the advertising on over 200 websites including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Washington Post, and CNN Business. With a knack for tailoring content to a variety of site aesthetics, our client sets a banquet of advertising delights for over 349 million consumers around the world.

If your mouth is watering at the thought of joining this dynamic team and you’re a senior Perl programmer with a solid understanding of Go programming languages, they just might set a place for you at the table. Toss in a tablespoon of Python, a sprinkling of experience with frameworks like Django, and a strong understanding of databases like MySQL and NoSQL databases like Google BigTable, and they’ll move you to the head of their table!

Ideally situated in the heart of London, our client’s office is steps from restaurants, shops, pubs, and several tube stations. There is no end to the things you can walk to from the doorstep of your rather attractive building, and after a day delivering advertisements to business consumers across the globe, treat yourself to a pint at the local with your new pals. With a mid-sized team, you’ll keep the line moving without worrying about too many cooks spoiling the soup.

The perfect recipe — er, role — awaits those with the hunger to jump into projects and devise intriguing new features for their winning product. Ready to cook up something good? Shoot us an email and tell us why you’re the right fit for this plum role!

Skills and Experience


  • Commercial experience with one of Mojolicious / Catalyst / Dancer
  • Commercial experience with a front-end JavaScript framework, ideally React, but Angular or Vus.js considered too


  • Comfortable with Go and/or Python, or a willingness to learn
  • Experience working with data at scale, especially experience with Google BigTable
  • Exposure to Google Cloud Platform

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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