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 Ref: OSC528
 London, UK OR Telecommute from UK (see more)
 Depending on experience

Forget the carrot or the stick — you’re the sort of full-stack Perl developer who does a spectacular job because you want to, not because someone offers you a treat or a correction. The opportunity to wear multiple hats gets your blood pumping, and if you have a passion for online tech publications, this is the role for you.

With over 40 million readers around the globe, our client goes deep on cloud services, artificial intelligence, software, hardware, electronics, culture, and space. You’ve heard that big news is coming down the pipeline about UFOs: who do you think will know what’s out there first? Sounds like a great time to join a team that knows the intergalactic chatter.

This role is 100% remote and it’s open to residents of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the European Economic Area. If your communication skills in English are out of this world, you’re in! Also, who even wants to get dressed for the office anymore, right?

Well, there might be a few other key skills required. You’ll need experience writing great Perl, along with valid HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Toss in experience with SQL and ORMs like DBIx::Class and add your excellent Linux experience (Debian lovers come this way) and you’ve got the skill set this role requires. Your day-to-day routine will include managing the full life-cycle of software projects of all sizes. New projects, refactoring of legacy code, bug fixing — like we said, you’ll wear multiple hats, so if you thrive on change, this is the place for you.

If you enjoy developing your own tools with a little ingenuity and chewing gum, this is your time to shine. Ready to apply? Send us your CV today and let us know why you’re right for this role!

Skills and Experience

  • Strong Perl is a must
  • DBIx::Class experience
  • Basic front-end skills / not scared of small amounts of JavaScript, HTML
  • Very comfortable on Linux, ideally Debian


  • Exceptional autonomy to get stuff done
  • Engaged and interested coworkers in a small, tight-knit team

Telecommuting Details

Open to residents of United Kingdom

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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