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Have you spent the last year cooped up in your city, wondering when it all got so grey? Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery. A vacation won’t do it — after the year you’ve had, you want something big. A new city, maybe. A new job. A new adventure? Heck yes. You could throw darts at a map until you land on the perfect place OR you could let us tell you about a phenomenal opportunity in the dazzling Mediterranean country of Malta.

A member of the EU, Malta is one of a kind. Think seas so blue your eyes water, ancient temples chilling next to adorable little restaurants, cobblestone streets and villages throwing parties that last all summer long. Malta is known for their diving, their shipwrecks, their 300 days of sunshine, and a populace so warm and welcoming that the Maltese are widely thought of as one of the friendliest nationalities on the planet. With 300 days of sunshine, you’d be friendly, too!

Perl programmers rejoice — our client has an office in Malta, and they’re looking for you. As a financial company seeing incredible growth over the last two decades, business is booming and they’re looking to expand their team. If you’ve got an interest in dollars and cents and share their belief that online trading should be available to all, hop on the next plane, ship, or rowboat bound for Malta because we’ve got the role for you.

The move to Malta will be easy as slipping into the Mediterranean Sea. English is an official language, so communicating with your personable new Maltese pals will be a breeze. Government documents are offered in English, healthcare is remarkably inexpensive, and Malta is one of the safest countries in the EU. Your work-life balance will leave you with plenty of time to enjoying hiking, arts and culture, or that summer-long festival where each village dedicates a week of fun to their patron saint.

Malta offers sunshine, the sea, culture, nature, and shipwrecks that may or may not be loaded with Spanish bullion (we can neither confirm nor deny). Your current city offers… well, you know. So, where do you want to be? If the answer is Malta, let us know you’re ready for your next adventure! Apply now!

Skills and Experience

Looking for Perl developers with a strong background in Modern Perl – you should be comfortable with Moose and PSGI/Plack, and a solid grounding in using Perl’s testing tools.

About the Client

Our client is an online financial services company, still rapidly expanding after 20 years of impressive growth. With a truly international presence, they’re well known globally in their niche. They have a deep commitment to Perl, and their CTO is one of CPAN’s most prolific authors. Their Malta office is close to the airport, and a short drive to Malta’s other scenic citties, like Valetta and St Julians.


Client is willing to sponsor visa for suitable candidates

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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