Frankenstein’s Monster is Just Misunderstood! Perl in Australia

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Image is Frankenstein by A. Duarte; License: CC BY-SA 2.0
 Ref: OSC484
 Canberra, Australia (see more)
 Depending on experience

Extreme Recycling?

Scientists are a misunderstood crew. Consider pop culture: Dr. Frankenstein was just trying to improve the world. Sure, a guy made from corpse parts doesn’t sound appealing, but what an innovative way to promote recycling. Talk about saving the planet one person at a time! If you think science is rad and want to work somewhere that agrees with you, our latest role might be perfect for you.

Our client’s area of expertise is decidedly less icky than ol’ Frankenstein. Their unique software is used to provide genotyping information about crops, which in turn helps to develop new species of plants. Feeding the planet? Much better way to save the environment than repurposing a few arms and legs.

Want to help them grow the next tomato-cucumber hybrid? They’re looking for a bright mind with modern Perl skills. Sounds like you? Great. You don’t happen have an interest in bioinformatics and genome technology, do you? You do? Well, if you tack on experience with Ansible, AWS, Linux containers, MySQL, Postgres, and Solr, then we know some completely non-monster-making science folks who want to talk to you.

This client’s mission involves developing cost-efficient genotyping technology and promoting the development of crops adapted to suit their environment. They care about doing great things, and they want their team to be as happy as the crops they breed. To keep you smiling, they offer an excellent annual bonus, flexible working hours, and the ability to work much of your time from home (after the initial 6 months onsite in Canberra, of course. They have to show you the secret tomato-cucumber lab).

Don’t wait for lightning to strike — your chance to make the world a better place is here! Send us an email today and let us know why you’re the right choice for this fascinating role.

Skills and Experience


  • Excellent Modern Perl skills, ideally with Dancer
  • At least some familiarity with JavaScript on the front-end
  • An openness to learning new things – there’s a learning curve regarding the domain knowledge, but they’ll be happy to teach you

**Nice to have:


  • MariaDB and Postgres
  • Exposure to biological and/or GIS data analysis
  • Ansible / AWS / Linux containers

About the Client

Cutting-edge bioinformatics company


  • International and multilingual workplace alongside people with interesting and diverse backgrounds
  • Gain experience in bioinformatics, plant genetics and breeding
  • Exposure to new approaches in data analysis
  • Generous annual bonus
  • Flexible working hours, withthe opportunity to work from home for a significant proportion of the week

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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