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 Melbourne, Australia (see more)

Have you ever seen those build-a-bear kiosks in the mall? You choose the components and watch your furry friend take shape. Now imagine a kiosk where you’re building your perfect job, because that’s exactly what our latest role offers!

Let’s start with the body. You’re a senior Perl developer — if that’s you, you’ve already got the most important component. Next, the other important bits: in an ideal world, you’ll have experience with most or all of Catalyst, REST, Dancer2, Moo, DBIx::Class, MySQL, Postgres, and docker. Want to add extra flair? AngularJS or Vue would take your creation to the next level.

Whew. All this building is hard work. Take a break while we tell you about our client and their chops in providing end-to-end data collection and management services. Located in Australia, they’re the go-to resource when companies want to gather, process, and analyze data to develop solutions. Much like our build-a-job kiosk, they build, host, and support their clients with a raft of tools and technologies.

All right, let’s finish strong with the head. Here’s where we can really personalize this job. Let’s make the terms flexible — say, a 9-month initial contract with 10 or so hours per week. Want more? No problem. For a local employee, full-time options abound. As to location, let’s make this role 100% remote. Within Australia would be good, and better yet if you’re near Fitzroy, but you’re not tied to one location.

Hey, this career is looking fabulous! And maybe it’s got you thinking about the career you want to build.

What does it look like? How often are you working, and from where? If you’re a senior Perl developer with the competencies listed above, this is your chance to create the job you want. Send us your CV today and tell us about your perfect role!

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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