Wanted: Senior Perl developers with good karma. Remote Perl within UK, South Africa and Switzerland

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 Ref: OSC548
 Remote from UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, or South Africa (see more)
 Depending on experience

How’s your karma?

You could spend your days helping little old ladies cross the street to improve your karma… or you could take this role with a golden-hearted organization that boosts your karma while you get paid.

Our client is a multinational fundraising group that works with thousands of charities to provide cloud-based management tools, a dedicated social fundraising platform, and a secure channel for charities to receive funds. With operations in the UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, and South Africa, the karmic good times span the globe and encompass everything from small local initiatives to mass participation events like the Boston Marathon.

Currently, this organization is seeking two Perl developers. One position is for a senior Perl developer, the other is for a mid-level, and while the roles are similar, there are a few key differences:

· The senior developer must have automated payment experience with a minimum of 8 years of Perl experience coding back-end and front-end systems. You’ll have strong experience with payment networks, systems, and bank file formats like. ISO 20022, SWIFT MT940/942 and NACHA ACH. Don’t forget your superpowers with Unix/Linux and shell scripts!

· The ideal mid-level developer will have automated payment experience as well, but if your Perl game is on point and you have an interest in payment systems, we still want to hear from you. You’ll also have a minimum of 4 years of Perl experience coding back-end and front-end systems, experience with systems like credit card, Faster Payments, and UK Open Banking, and experience with testing like Test::Harness, Test::More, and Test::Most.

This role is open to remote workers who live in one of the countries mentioned above. An important note for karma kids in North America: work time flexibility will be important as this company has yet to establish a physical presence in Canada or the US.

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About the Client

Our client helps charities fund-raise online, and manages online payments systems for landlords. With every commit, you’ll be helping to funnel market to charities and making renting property just that little bit easier. We regularly bump into the company’s programmers at dev conferences, and their developers are well-known in the open-source community for their contributions to projects.

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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