There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

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Image is Haines Shoe House, York Pa by Lorie Shaull; License: CC BY-SA 2.0
 Ref: OSC438
 West London, UK (see more)
 £60,000–£65,000 GBP /year

It may be Small, but it’s got a lot of Sole.

You’ve heard the nursery rhyme that starts “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe” – but now you have the chance to help that poor gal get out of the mangy footwear and into a nice two-storey with a renovated kitchen and a sweet little back garden. Let’s change her story for the better!

Our client is one of the UK’s leading estate agencies with over 60 branches and a website that we’re chuffed to say is the busiest of its type. They’re looking for a senior-level Perl programmer who finds Modern Perl as comfortable as a three-bed, two-bath with terrace, and whose architectural skills are in the programming sphere rather than, say, designing an addition to the master bedroom.

Whether you live in a Louboutin in London or a strappy sandal in Southall, the super-strong transport network will get you to work in no time. You’ve got your overground, your underground, your… aboveground? Okay, hovercars aren’t a thing yet, but there are plenty of ways to get to this role located in the picturesque Chiswick Business Park. After a morning of work to get that sweet little old dowager out of her shoe, you’ll take a break beside a tranquil lake with burbling waterfall. Ahhh… relaxation.

This company has a mission: to hire brilliant people and provide them with the best, most up-to-date technology. They’re at the forefront of their industry, and it shows — they are known for innovation in their industry, and for being the first to try new features that improve the experience for their clients.

If you want to be part of the team that helps shoe-bound homeowners find their next great place, put on your trainers, drop us an email, and get ready to move to your new role!

Skills and Experience

  • You’ll need to be very comfortable with Modern Perl, and that means you’ll need to have meaningful opinions about (and experience with) Moose, Plack, DBIx::Class, Test::More, and at least one Perl MVC framework
  • The company has a microservice architecture, so you’ll have strong architectural skills, think about problems in terms of APIs and queues, and have exposure to recent DevOps practices

About the Client

Very well-known and well-established estate agency, whose technical stack has been built with loving care to be high quality


  • Enhanced sick pay and subsidised gym program
  • Strong parental leave policy, with a generous shared parental leave system

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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