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Me, I get excited by shiny things. I played with Maypole before Catalyst or Mojolicious was a thing, and I wrote some mean Class::DBI code before DBIx::Class took over the Perl ORM business.

But it’s possible to build clean, fast, simple, elegant and reliable Perl the old way. You can write effective tests without needing to invent a test-specific DSL, you can write web-services without using the trendiest new web-framework, and you can lovingly hand-craft performant and understandable SQL.

What’s more, you can do this while running one of the UK’s largest, most successful, and most profitable web properties. You can do this at scale, and fall back on the simplicity of your system when debugging rather than needing to hand-pick through multi-page stack traces generated by some tooling.

And you can do all of this while providing a work environment that’s friendly, forward-looking, and full of free food.

Our client uses the classic LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl. To hit their scaling needs, they make heavy use of AWS, queueing and job-management systems like Gearman, and Memcached for making sure data is quickly available when needed. It’s simple, effective, and industrial-scale tooling used right to deliver a project that’s robust and reliable.

They’re heavily invested in the wider London Perl community, I’m always bumping into their people at Perl conferences, and I have many former colleagues and current friends enjoying their time there.

With excellent benefits, an excellent salary package, and an engineering culture that focuses on excellence, simply delivered, isn’t it time for a simple life?

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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