Sometimes, it's about the people - Perl developer in West London

Job ref: OSC303 - Location: London, UK - Salary: Market-rate

It can get a little repetitive writing job ads for Perl Developer positions. Fundamentally, what have we even got to talk about here? Well…

You can talk about the specific technologies being used. Obviously, we have Perl. Most places (including this client) are using Moose or Moo, DBIx::Class, PSGI and Plack. You’re hoping for some skills suggestive of sensible DevOps tooling (Chef and AWS in this case), some kind of messaging or job queue for companies at any sort of scale (Gearman), and perhaps one or two interesting pieces of technology you’ve not used before (Varnish, Solr, neural networks here).

You’re going to want to know the company is growing, successful, and well-financed, all of which this particular company is – you’ve probably heard of them, and you may well have used their services.

But what you don’t generally get from a job ad is any feeling about what it’s like to work at the company, day in, and day out. Who are your colleagues? When you need help untangling the FoobarWidget module, are they going to be sweet, helpful, and switched on, or are they going to grumble that you’ve asked them questions? Is your project manager a megalomaniac, or someone who’ll thoughtfully work through requirements with you, carefully taking on board your ideas?

Here is what I can tell you about this particular client: two of my favourite colleagues from one of my favourite jobs as a developer work there, and are trying to hire people who will reinforce their company culture. They’re kind, quiet, and highly competent Perl developers who I can personally attest to being a joy to sit next to, day in and day out. While I’ve not worked with their product manager, I’ve met him a few times, and he’s highly switched on with a deep respect for his development team.

So that’s it, in a nutshell. Your average Perl development role, but with a personal recommendation from me that your colleagues are great people, and that I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy your time there.

image is via Flickr; license: CC BY 2.0

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