The Step-by-Step Guide to Making your Friends Green with Envy

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 Sevenoaks, Kent, UK (see more)

It ain’t easy being green

How many times have you been at a party and had to grin and bear it while your mates brag about their cool jobs? Robert’s working from Antigua for the week, and Susan’s taking yet another vacation — how many days off can one woman have? Never fear — we’ve got the Step-by-Step Guide to Making your Friends Green with Envy.

Step One: Find a spectacular new job. Enter our client, an international company who is looking for someone who can blend good DBA skills with the best of the DevOps philosophy. A baron of balance who knows how schema management fits into a CI/CD process but can also explain it clearly to a junior dev.

Step Two: Make sure said job has awesome perks. This role is located in charming Sevenoaks, Kent. Londoners will have a morning commute that’s easy as pie, but that’s not enough to jack up the jealousy, so let’s throw in 25 days of annual leave on top of all the other holidays that come standard. Add an employer-matched pension scheme, and Susan’s beginning to go a little lime-coloured around the edges.

Now that you’ve found a great company with drool-worthy perks, it’s time for Step Three: Do something worthwhile. Our client helps charities fundraise online and manages online payment systems for landlords, so you’ll be able to impress Robert with all the good you’re doing in the world.

Robert and Susan are dying a little inside, and you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time for Step Four: Pull out the big guns. Our client has an annual company ski trip to Switzerland AND offers the chance to work in the mountains near Lake Geneva for a week each year, all expenses paid! If you’re ready to follow our simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making your Friends Green with Envy, drop us a line today. Robert and Susan won’t be glad you did — but you will!

Skills and Experience

  • Strong experience with looking after MySQL v5.6+
  • Deep understanding of database replication
  • Familiar with and has opinions on backup processes and workflows
  • Exposure to AWS EX2 and RDS
  • At least some coding skills

About the Client

Our client helps charities fund-raise online, and manages online payments systems for landlords. With every commit, you’ll be helping to funnel market to charities and making renting property just that little bit easier. We regularly bump into the company’s programmers at dev conferences, and their developers are well-known in the open-source community for their contributions to projects.


  • A very generous 25 days of annual leave, in addition to Bank Holidays, public holidays, etc
  • Employer-matched pension scheme
  • Chance to work, expenses paid, in the mountains near Lake Geneva for one week a year
  • Company winter sports trip once a year, in addition to the above!

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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