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Many (many) years ago I used to work for a large British broadcasting corporation in West London, on an interminable Perl project later rewritten entirely in Flash. One of the few highlights of my days was interacting with Mäike [name changed to protect the innocent], a Senior Developer on a downstream part of the project.

Mäike was a particularly bright guy who was always laser-focused on finding high-quality solutions to problems. One could go to many parts of the business with complicated problems and get all manner of unusual solutions recommended. Or, one could simply save time and go straight to Mäike, have a brief discussion of the relative merits of approaches, and come away with a no-nonsense practical solution.

When I found out a few years later that Mäike had not only joined a company in The City, but was pretty happy with it, and rated his colleagues, I was intrigued. I’ve subsequently found myself chatting with a couple of members of Senior Management in the company, and can see why working there appeals to Mäike:

  • As a finance company, their customers rely on them to provide services that Just Work, and work well. Pretty is not a requirement - robustness and functionality absolutely are;
  • The company is the industry leader in their niche, and a commitment to understated excellence is largely the reason for that;
  • They use the right tools for the job, and make sure they stay up to date - their backend systems are in efficient and functional Perl (to which they attribute much of their success);
  • They want to hire the best, and they pay commensurate with that;
  • It’s common to see their developers at Perl conferences, because at the end of the day the company supports the fact their team loves Perl, and are huge geeks;
  • The office is a very short walk from London Bridge…

Are you more interested in efficient and functional than pretty? Do you want the unbridled feeling of power of knowing your codebase is keeping an entire sector of the global financial markets running? Does Mäike sound like your kind of guy?

(this role requires an existing right to work in the EU)

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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