Work with giant, caged robots, and Perl; Senior Developer, West London

Job ref: OSC125
Location: West London, UK
Salary: Fantastic

Let’s start off talking about the robots. They live in cages, they travel at 60mph, and they’re controlled via AMQ messages from a Perl-based Warehouse Management System[1]. Simultaneously awesome and terrifying, they work tirelessly to move expensive dresses around such exotic locations as Charlton, and Mahwah,New Jersey[2]. Be filled with an incredible sense of power and agency as you send their giant metal bodies hurling around the warehouse[3]. Alternatively, you might end up working on the code that makes the printers work[4].

The client in question (and former employer of mine) is a large and very well-known e-commerce company specialising in high fashion.

They’ve got a large Perl team who use Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose, Plack and Template Toolkit.  The company is solidly committed to developing in an Agile manner, continuous delivery, and pushing the envelope with more modern tools — many features and tests are implemented using Behaviour Driven Development (experience of which would be useful!).

Absolutely not afraid to pay well for the best people, and the only Perl office in London (or the world?) with a chandelier…

Interested? Send us an email to, quoting jobref OSC125, and tell us a little bit about yourself!


  1. This is true
  2. This is mostly true; having been to both those locations, exotic was probably a stretch. There’s a good Greek restaurant in Mahwah though
  3. This is possible, but unlikely
  4. Seriously though, only one (Perl) team works on the Warehouse Management System, so you may well not be working directly with the robots, but I was, and it was great fun, even if they were a little scary

Robot image from Peyri Herrera; license: CC BY-ND 2.0