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Leti has green hair


Perl Careers is a Perl-focused recruitment consultancy, run by me, Peter Sergeant – a Perl recruiter who’s actually a Perl programmer – with Leti, an experienced technical recruiter..

If you’re hiring Perl developers, and you work with us, you’ll be getting the benefit of my extensive network of friends, former coworkers, open-source collaborators and contacts in the UK, the US, the EU and Australia. Many of the developers we place are people I’ve worked with before as a coworker, or have line-managed during my career.

If you’re a Perl developer yourself, and you work with us, generally I can give you an in depth cultural and technical overview of a company you’re thinking of working with, help advise you on salary expectations, and help you make sure your CV or resume are most likely to land you an interview.


Leti will often be your first point of contact. She manages the daily interactions between clients and candidates and helps find out exactly what each are looking for, to begin the process. She’s a budding Haskell developer(!), so ask her about Monads.  We’ll then work together to decide how to move forwards with an application, using my in-depth knowledge of the field. I’ve been a Perl programmer for almost 20 years, took time off high-school to speak at the first YAPC in Europe, and want to reassure you that if you’re a Perl developer, or you’re hiring Perl developers, you’re in the right place!