Perl Careers – Open source recruitment done well

Perl Careers is a Perl-focused recruitment consultancy, run by a CPAN contributor with a recruitment background, rather than by a non-technical person. I work with clients and candidates across the UK, the EU, the US, and Australia.

I can understand the skills you’re looking to hire for, make sense of your GitHub profile, and offer specific Perl-related career and salary advice.

I am very picky about only:

  • Recruiting for companies I’d want to work at
  • Placing candidates I’d want to work with

Most of the candidates I place weren’t actively looking for roles, and weren’t available to traditional recruiters – I used to joke that most of my hires came through Facebook Messenger with old friends and colleagues from around the world, but then I stopped joking about it because it was true.

Many of the most rewarding companies to work for aren’t actively looking to hire, but if a recruiter who can understand the candidate’s strengths and the company’s needs puts them together, they’ll find a place.

For Developers

If you’re a developer and you’d like a second pair of eyes on your CV or résumé, want a confidential run-down on a company you’re thinking of applying for (whether or not we work with them), want some recommendations on what employers are looking for, or want to know if you’re being paid properly, I’d be happy to have an informal chat, or you can have a look at the resources for developers

For Hiring Managers

If you’re a hiring manager and you’d like some advice on your job ads, some thoughts on free and paid channels for advertising for candidates, guidance on market salaries, or if you’re non-technical and just need some help fleshing out what your actual requirements are, I’d be happy to have a commitment-free chat; alternatively there’s a bunch of information for employers here too.