Working as a hiring manager and as a recruiter totally up-ended my views on what was important in a CV / résumé. Turns out employers don’t really care that you spent hours messing with LaTeX templates to create a perfectly typeset document, and that recruiters can’t be relied upon to know Moose has anything to do with Perl.

If you’ve met met any of the conferences we sponsor, you’ll know I give out little booklets of career advice for developers – most of them are available here.

Conference Handouts
Conference Handouts

How to write a CV/résumé that will get you an interview

This was (very) briefly the most shared slide deck on Twitter and was covered by Business Insider, where “covered” means they cherry-picked a few slides and turned it in to an article (seriously). A collection of all the important things I’ve learned about presenting yourself on paper, as a developer, contractor, recruiter, hiring manager and technical interviewer.

How to ace a technical interview

The unpleasant truth about how Technical Interviews really work, how to handle questions you don’t know how to answer, and how to perform well in the small section of things interviews can actually screen for.

How to get paid more

An on-going series of articles that look in to the dark arts of how HR and recruitment processes work, and how you can optimize your efforts to make sure you’re being paid well. Current content includes an article on why your job title is so important to your salary, and what you can do with that information.

What to look for from a recruiter

A fairly cynical piece on why I think you should work with us, masquerading as objective advice on the important characteristics you should look for in general when looking for a recruiter. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of overlap in those two categories…

Free Amazon vouchers for Perl developers

As described. If you’re a UK Perl developer, I’d literally like to send you enough money to buy several O’Reilly books (or several Raspberry Pi’s) every year.

Let’s get you a job / Get in touch

Fancy a chat? Want to talk about who’s hiring, what skills you should learn, or how much you should be getting paid? Need a new job? Start here…

If you’re lucky enough to run in to the wonderful Wendy at any of the many many conferences she attends, she’s normally carrying around some Perl Careers swag too:

Wendy, our unofficial distributor
Wendy, our unofficial distributor