Technical Recruiters are THE WORST

One of the great things about programming is that specific skillsets tend to have really specific names. If you need a Perl developer, Perl is a reasonably unique string that identifies that specific skillset. But this also lures many recruiters into a false sense of security. How different can Perl/CGI and Modern Perl really be, right?

Recruiters are also generally just not familiar with the programming landscape, and what developers think is important. They’ll assume that a developer cares much more about working at a well-known company than whether or not the codebase they’ll be hacking on all day is well tested or if the development team still haven’t migrated from SVN yet.

This was a frequent source of stress for me when I used to run a large technical team. We were always always hiring, and even the most specialised recruiters we used would send us a high percentage of low-quality CVs that weren’t a good match for us. It’s not the end of the world, but if the client is doing most of the screening, what’s the recruiter for again?

Every so often we’d get a generalist IT recruiter tell us how they were going to revolutionize our hiring of Perl developers. We’d have candidates coming out of our ears. In the first week, we’d get 10-15 CVs of PHP developers, sysadmins with some passing experience writing Perl, and people with 20 years of Perl experience who had somehow never touched any of the tools we used. We’d explain what was wrong with those candidates and then … silence.

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