Free Amazon vouchers for Perl developers

If you can convince me you are a Perl developer in the UK, and you’re willing to receive the occasional (up to once a month) email with a list of interesting Perl jobs in it, then each email will also contain a £5 Amazon voucher code. So in the unlikely event I end up sending out an email a month, that’s £60 of Amazon vouchers a year.

You don’t have to be actively looking for a job, but you do have to be a Perl developer, and either based in the UK, or with an existing right to work in the UK and an interest in relocating.

In order to confirm you’re a real person, you will need to include at least one of:

  • Your Github profile or CPAN ID;
  • Your LinkedIn profile;
  • OR follow up after you’ve signed up by sending a copy of your CV (

I’d love you to send me all three, but if you don’t include at least one, I’ll delete you from the list.

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