A workspace so awesome you might not want to go home. Senior Perl Developers

Job ref: OSC328 - Location: London - Salary: Really good

A perfect mix of style and substance that’s hard to tear yourself away from? These guys have nailed it.

First the style. The company are renowned experts in housing market. They know that homes aren’t just a place—they’re a feeling—so they’ve used their expertise to create a workspace that feels fantastic.

Based in central London, their themed areas are modeled on the pad you wish you had, including living and dining areas (naturally), a conservatory and study (now we’re talking) and a wine cellar, library and tree house (now we’re sold). For those who need an endorphin hit there’s an onsite gym, and for a caffeine hit—their in-house barista will prepare the pick-me-up you need.

Substance time. They’re a huge household name that helps people efficiently find their perfect home. You will be working on projects at serious scale, doing serious problem-solving, with some serious talent around you. They’ve already assembled a squad of the some of the best Perl developers out there, so you will be with kindred spirits you can accomplish great things with.

Throw in a excellent benefits, a generous salary package, and an easily commutable journey, and it’s a tantalizing and fulfilling role to walk into… you just might not want to leave.

image is Concept Of Balance And Harmony, by George Hodan; license: CC0 Public Domain

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