Fully remote, committed Senior Developer based in the US or Canada

Job ref: OSC115
Location: Remote, North America

All-star Perl team in the US looking for fulltime remote Perl developer based in the US or Canada to work on their SaaS platform.

Having run into their team many times at various YAPC / Perl Conference events, I’ve always come away impressed at both the quality of their engineering talent, but also their focus on doing things the right way — last year I got a special look at a particularly impressive-looking BDD testing suite they had built. They both sponsor various Perl community events and send their developers along; if you want a company truly committed to Perl, this is it!

Moose, Catalyst, and DBIx::Class skills all helpful, as is experience with AWS. Some knowledge of front-end development would be advantageous, and previous contributions to open-source projects considered a major plus.

This job is no longer officially open, but do contact us to discuss similar roles or find out when the company plans to reopen hiring.

image of Alaska — one of many places you could work if you were a US-based telecommuter — courtesy of Travis Wise; license: CC BY 2.0