Drama Queens and Perl Princes Need Not Apply

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Image is Rusty Crown !! ‘macro’ by lethbridge1978; License: CC BY 2.0
 Ref: OSC415
 Pittsburgh, PA (see more)
 Competitive salary based on experience

Park your drama at the door — chill folks only.

We’ve all seen them: the Perl prima donnas who demand a refrigerator of their own stocked with Red Bull and organic French yogurt and give you the evil eye if you make them take their earbuds out. Ever wished you could go somewhere they weren’t? Then read on!

Our client is looking for Perl programmers who play well with others. No divas here — just a team of great people who love working with our client so much that many have been there for ten, fifteen, and even twenty years! That kind of employee longevity can only mean one thing — you’ve stumbled across the kind of chill company programmers dream of.

This relaxing role is located in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of the Carnegie Science Center, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. If you want to hit up a joint not named after the Carnegie family, there are hundreds of excellent bars, pubs, restaurants, and diners waiting for you to explore — and you’ll have plenty of time to do it, because when you work for this company, they prioritize a low-stress work environment where happy folks are glad to roll up their sleeves to solve problems as they come.

The client is a well-known hosting company that aims to excite its clients by going the extra mile. They pride themselves on being the sort of business that clients love to deal with, and they get a real charge out giving small businesses the power and tools they need to connect with the world.

Ready for some down-to-earth fun with the drama-free crowd? Then shoot us an email and let’s go have some Carnegie-sponsored good times!

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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