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 Houston, Texas (see more)

You + Houston = Happy, Happy, Happy

Pop quiz: What city has over 11,000 restaurants, is the birthplace of Beyonce Knowles, and has one heck of a career opportunity waiting for the right Perl programmer? If you guessed Houston, congratulations! You’ve won an all-expenses paid trip to the city that once issued an ordinance that barred men from “making goo-goo eyes at ladies.”

Okay, maybe your trip isn’t all-expenses paid yet, but if our client likes you, it’s a real possibility. This well-known company builds the that software hosting companies use to allow customers to build websites. The software you create will be deployed on thousands of servers all over the internet, and used by hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even by Queen Bey herself! Best of all, the client has a killer relocation program, so if you land this one, it’s Houston, here you come.

A little fun math for you number crunchers out there: Did you know that if you visited a new restaurant every day, it would take over thirty years for you to hit all 11,000+ in Houston? Not that you’ll need to eat out much; this incredible office caters lunch for their employees each day. Goodbye, soggy sandwich, hello gourmet nosh!

Other perks include a 401(k) matching plan, enviable health benefits, and a laid-back office atmosphere that will have you making goo-goo eyes. If it sounds like this all adds up, shoot us an email and let us know — you could be on your way to the world capital of space exploration!

Skills and Experience

The client’s looking for strong Perl developers, although Python and PHP developers willing to cross-train will be considered too. You’ll have experience of all the rituals associated with professional development: git, bug tracking and trouble-shooting, code-reviews, and working in Scrum or Kanban setting. Some experience with more sys-admin’y tasks would be a definite benefit. Comfortable configuring Apache and nginx? Not scared of editing a PostgreSQL config? These things would help your application.

About the Client

Company is a household name (in technical households, admittedly) with a very wide reach. Their software keeps many businesses online, so your work has potential to have a huge impact.


  • Free health and dental insurance, with optional coverage available for your family, and a flexible-spending account for extra health costs that might come up; what’s more, there’s a gym onsite!
  • They feed you lunch every day, for free! Delicious, catered lunch. Mmmmm. Can’t wait until lunch? There are complimentary snacks and drinks
  • 401(k) with generous company-matching
  • Work with your manager to find a schedule and work hours that work for you

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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